Jollibee: Invading Singapore’s taste buds

Just how many Jollibee branches in one island is enough? Not that I’m complaining, just asking?

When Jollibee opened its first branch in 2013 at Orchard’s Lucky Plaza here in Singapore the queue was so long it snaked around the mall. I told my wife to wait until the third day. The first day’s always the wildest. You don’t want to queue for that long because chances are when you reach he counter they’ve already ran out of Chickenjoys. So we troop the store on the third day of its creation.


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Skype not for Win 8 & 8.1?

The most recent updates for Skype has rendered it useless for Win 8 and 8.1 users. You see, Skype 8 is not too friendly with older Windows version.

The Skype 8 with its simple design appears to be built for Windows 10. It is a great software, tons of great times with it. It’s an institution in modern communication. But many, like myself, likes the old Skype (version 7.40 & 41).

Corporal Punishment Filipino Style!

I was born before the 80’s. I’m part of a generation of Filipino children that experienced physical punishment, in my case, for being naughty almost all the time!

If you can hear my tone right now, I’m recalling Filipino style corporal punishment with fondness.

Caveat here.

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